Long Lane Farm!

Long Lane Farm is Wesleyan’s own student run organic farm devoted to allowing students a place to experiment and learn about sustainable agriculture. The farm is non hierarchical, meaning that any student with an idea for a project has the opportunity to realize its success. In addition to weekly meetings, students run work days every Saturday 10am-2pm during the Fall and Spring, though many students come out to the farm throughout the week to get their hands dirty digging, planting, and weeding. Long Lane also seeks to foster good relationships with local farmers.

The produce grown on Long Lane is sold at the Holden Farmer’s Market, donated to Amazing Grace Food Pantry, or served to students in Usdan. All who are interested are welcome to join at any point during the year!

What does Long Lane grow?

In the past we have grown peppers tomatoes, herbs (basil, chives, mint, etc.), eggplant, berries, potatoes, onions, garlic, corn, kale, chard, peas and many other fruits and veggies! Long Lane uses a crop rotation system to keep the soil fertile.

What else happens at Long Lane?

Festivals! Every year, the students who run Long Lane hold two festivals for the entire Wesleyan/Middletown community.

Pumpkin Fest:

Every year hundreds of students come out to Long Lane to celebrate the harvest with music, food, and crafts. In addition to students, professors and Middletown residents frequent the event which occurs annually the weekend before Halloween.

May Day:

In early May Wes students and Middletown residents come to Long Lane to celebrate the planting season and springtime. May Day features student bands, food, and a May pole.

Faculty Plot!

Next to the student run plot is a faculty plot where interested faculty members are able to grow their own produce.

Summer Interns!

Summer is an important time on any farm. Therefore, a few students stay on every summer to tend the farm and prepare for the Fall harvest. In the past, this program has been funded by the COE, Bon Appetite, and the Green Fund.

Does the farm have a faculty adviser?

Yes. Though the farm is student run, Gillian Goslinga is the faculty adviser.