WesFRESH (Wesleyan Students For Real, Ethical, Sustainable Habits) aims to transform the way that we, as a community of local and global activists, value and define real food as restorative to both our bodies and our planet, and as environmentally, socially, and economically healing.
Rather than accept the boundaries and expectations set by our society concerning the sustainability and ethics of our current food system, we choose instead to take matters into our own hands, to ignite a movement that will lead us to a new world, one that celebrates culture, questions the very foundations of our local, national, and global food systems, and empowers communities to make real, lasting change.
We, as a body, feel morally obligated and passionate to work here and now to inspire a revolution that goes beyond the four walls of this institution, to use education, awareness, and positive social activism to give others the tools to define real food in their own communities.We also work with the Real Food Challenge as Grassroots Leaders, working with groups advocating for real food at other colleges and universities across the country. If you want to know more about RFC, contact Erin at eodonnell@wesleyan.edu!

This year, WesFRESH has been collaborating with the Farmer’s Market and others to host a series of community dinners known as “Veg Out!” Veg Out gives us an opportunity to purchase local food from farmers, cook it together, and enjoy a massive dinner to celebrate each other and our new culture of food as community. We’ll be having two more Veg Out dinners this semester (next one is November 19th)!

WesFRESH is currently working on an initiative called “Kick Coke!” to get Coca Cola products off of our campus. We are planning a series of video interviews to raise awareness of issues surrounding this corporation. If you’d like to get involved, e-mail mlefevre@wesleyan.edu!

For this year’s global Food Day, WesFRESH collaborated with students involved in food worker’s rights and food and union workers from Wesleyan to hold an event featuring a panel of speakers, an interactive discussion, and a brainstorming session. Our goal was to open the door to a conversation about student-worker relationships, and to explore the possibility of viewing each other as allies. We are now working on next steps moving forward, to keep this energy pumping and to start making change on campus. If you’d like to join our new student-worker alliance, e-mail eodonnell@wesleyan.edu or mlefevre@wesleyan.edu!

WesFRESH holds a series of speakers with the purpose of raising awareness of local and global food issues, especially those that impact us most directly. If you are interested in bringing someone to campus to speak, e-mail caylward@wesleyan.edu.

WesFRESH meets every Wednesday at 8pm at Earth House. We’d love to have you join us!